Liste de Genève des Principes sur la protection des infrastructures hydrauliques

A Study of National Legal Frameworks Related to the Protection of Water During Armed Conflicts - A Follow-Up Study to the Geneva List of Principles on the Protection of Water Infrastructure

The report assesses the extent to which existing national legal frameworks adhere to international law regarding the protection of water infrastructure and water-related infrastructure during and after armed conflicts (See our report "The Geneva List of Principles on the Protection of Water Infrastructure"). It incorporates the growing body of knowledge on the protection of water resources under the human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation, and as part of the environment. The objective is to provide guidance to parties to armed conflicts and a wide range of stakeholders who play different roles in promoting compliance with the relevant norms, including military experts, humanitarian organizations, and advocacy groups. With the aim of promoting greater respect for and implementation of international law, the report clarifies areas of uncertainty, identifies good practices, and makes recommendations which facilitate compliance with the rules of international law.


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