IP Researchers Europe Conference (IPRE)


IP Researchers Europe conference (IPRE) 2023

29-30 June 2023




After a three-year pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the School of Law of the University of Geneva (UNIGE) is very pleased to announce the Call for Applications for the IP Researchers Europe Conference (IPRE) 2023, which will be held in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The IPRE 2023 will take place in person in Geneva and will be hosted at WIPO on Thursday, 29 June 2023, and at WTO on Friday, 30 June 2023.

The IPRE was created in 2018 as a collaboration between UNIGE, WIPO, and WTO to convene IP scholars in Geneva, a city privileged for its position as an international forum for policy debates about current and future IP laws and policies. Since then, the Conference has brought together a large number of academic researchers to discuss their works-in-progress with other colleagues and policymakers.

The IPRE 2023 endeavors to feature primarily European-focused or Europe-based IP researchers (as in the previous editions). However, all researchers writing on topics dealing with IP law-related issues that are relevant under European law, comparative law, or international law are welcome to apply to present at the Conference.

The Organizers welcome submissions by researchers at any stage of their careers. This includes professors, associate professors, assistant professors, lecturers, academic fellows, post-doctoral fellows, and doctoral candidates enrolled in a Ph.D. program or equivalent post-graduate degree. Applicants should be affiliated with an academic institution or research center, preferably on a full-time basis, at the time of submission of their application and at the time of the Conference.

The IPRE 2023 will be linked to the 2023 WIPO-UNIGE Intellectual Property Summer School (IPSS). The objective of the interactions between the two programs is to make it possible for the participants of IPSS to join the IPRE sessions in order to foster fruitful and mutually stimulating interactions and capitalize on the joint presence in Geneva of the participants of these programs to help create a Geneva-connected global IP community.

Immediately following IPRE 2023, in the afternoon of 30 June 2023, the WTO is convening a Symposium on the TRIPS Agreement at 25 years (TRIPS@25 Symposium).  This event is the culmination of a series of webinars that reviewed the impact of 25 years of implementation of the TRIPS Agreement in various sectors.  The TRIPS@25 Symposium will draw together leading international scholars and experts in wide-ranging discussions on the overall impact of the TRIPS Agreement since it came into force in 1995, and reflections on possible future directions.

Scholars presenting at IPRE 2023 will be welcome to attend the TRIPS@25 Symposium.