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CUSO, 20-22 September 2017, Prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes in clinical and environmental populations

Widespread resistance to antibiotics, including to new generation molecules, is one of the most pressing healt issues. Emergence of multi-resistant forms of pathogenic bacteria has also become a major concern in many hospitals. Causes to these phenomena are multiple, but constantrelease of antibiotics in wastewaters, improper use of various antimicrobial compounds in agriculture, as well as unnecessary prescription of antibiotics in human medicine have contributed to dispersal and propagation of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs). This workshop will address this topic through first a one-day background introduction to the occurrence, dispersion and general problematic of antibiotic resistance genes in hospitals and other environments such as soil, water and plants. The second day will allow registered doctoral students to familiarize themselves with culture-independent approaches (e.g. total DNA preparations from environmental samples to quantitative PCR) to monitor presence of specific ARGs in water, soil and plant samples provided to them. On morning of Day 3, students will confront their results obtained on the previous day and discuss their relevance with a panel of experts who lectured on Day 1. For Day 3, an open seminar will be performed by Dr. Velusamy Srinivasan on: "The role of USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the Global disease control and the fate of antibiotic resistance in environmental bacteria.

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31 août 2017

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