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2018 Best Paper Nominee

One Environmental Science : Nano paper “Heteroaggregation of nanoplastic particles in the presence of inorganic colloids and natural organic matter” (DOI: 10.1039/c7en01119a) by Olena Oriekhova and Serge Stoll of the University of Geneva was nominated for consideration in the Best Papers Initiative for the RSC’s Environmental Science family of journals.

Environmental Science : Nano is the leading journal dedicated to nanomaterial applications and interaction with environmental and biological systems and in the top 7% of journal indexed in the Environmental Sciences JCR category, For context, over 240 papers in Environmental Science: Nano were published last year. Such a nomination for this accolade is testament to the high impact of this work. The study is related to a major environmental issue dealing with plastic pollution and more specifically on the behavior of nanoplastics in aquatic systems. It should be noted that this study has led to different general public articles.

15 avr. 2019

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