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University of Geneva Biogeochemist Nominated a Specialty Chief Editor of Frontiers in Environmental Science, Biogeochemical Dynamics

Congratulations to Dr. Vera Slaveykova, a professor in Environmental biogeochemistry and ecotoxicology at the Department F.-A. Forel for Environmental and Aquatic Sciences and the Institute for Environmental Sciences for her nomination as a Specialty Chief Editor of  the newly launched Biogeochemical Dynamics Section of the Frontiers in Environmental Science.  As a Specialty Chief Editor Dr. Slaveykova encourages the original process-oriented and cross-disciplinary research that provides novel insights on the Earth system functioning, perturbations induced by human activities and global changes, and the possible implications for the Earth’s life and the society. This nomination highlights the leading position of environmental biogeochemistry research at the University of Geneva in the international landscape.

Towards the interview with Prof. Slaveykova.

18 oct. 2018

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