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Teaching Assistant and FNS Researcher

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Aïcha holds a bachelor’s degree in English and German as well as a master’s degree in English, both from the University of Geneva. In her master’s thesis, she analyzed the reappropriation and subversion of racist discursive tropes about African ancestry in a selection of Harlem Renaissance poetry.

Her doctoral research focuses on the re-humanization or re-subjectification, via narrative devices, of enslaved African American women in nineteenth-century slave narratives and in Abolitionist rhetoric more broadly. Her analysis draws on vegan-ecofeminist theory, situating the figure of the enslaved African American woman within the matrix of human, patriarchal, and capitalistic hegemonies that exploit other-than-human animals, women and racialized people, amongst other categories.

Her general interests include narratology and literary (counter-discursive) rhetoric - especially in African American literature - as well as intersections between literary analysis and Discourse Studies, Critical Race Theory, Dance Theory, Ecofeminism, Vegan Studies and Fat Studies.

American Literature