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Caroline MARTIN

Ms Caroline MARTIN

Research and Teaching Assistant

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Caroline obtained her MA in English and French literature from the University of Geneva in 2018. Her early research explored the relationship between the New Woman and the figure of the hysteric in Victorian fiction. Her doctoral project analyzes the relationship between narrative structure and ideology in a selection of New Woman short fiction. Her methodology combines elements of stylistics and postclassical narratology to determine the textual mechanisms by which New Woman short stories construct an implied readership situated discursively in relation to contemporary debates on gender. Her corpus comprises works by established New Woman writers such as Olive Schreiner, Ella Hepworth Dixon, and Charlotte Perkins Gilman, as well as authors rarely associated with the movement, such as Mary Wilkins Freeman.

Caroline teaches literary analysis and methodology in the context of two undergraduate seminars on English and American literature. She also coordinates the department’s Writing Lab, which provides individual tutoring services to students about academic writing.


Aïcha Bouchelaghem, Kimberly Frohreich, Deborah Madsen and Caroline Martin. “What Judges Your Story? Moral Deixis and Readerly Orientation.” Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature, vol. 43, 2023, pp. 139-158,


“Conservative Rebels: The Politics of Mary Wilkins Freeman’s Regionalist Portraits,” BrANCA Biennial Symposium, online, December 2023.

“Nuancing the Stereotype: The ‘New Woman’ in the Early Short Fiction of Mary Wilkins Freeman,” ALA [American Literature Association] Conference, Boston, May 2023.

“Textual Ideology and Narrative Point of View in New Woman Short Fiction: Case Studies in Contextualist Narratology,” CUSO Modern and Contemporary Doctoral Workshop, UNIGE, December 2022.

“Between Lexis and Deixis: Working Out Textual Ideology in Mary Wilkins Freeman’s short story ‘Louisa’,” SANAS Biennial Conference, University of Fribourg, November 2022.

“Narrative (Re)configurations in New Woman Short Fiction,” CUSO Modern and Contemporary Doctoral Workshop, UNIGE, October 2021.


Staff Representative, Conseil Participatif de la Faculté des Lettres, University of Geneva (2021-present)

Board Member, Association du Corps Intermédiaire de la Faculté des Lettres, University of Geneva (2009-present)

Co-president/Treasurer, Association des Étudiant.e.x.s en Lettres, University of Geneva (2015-2018)


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