E pluribus unum ? L’Italie, de la diversité préromaine à l’unité augustéenne

Second Conference (Rome, BSR, ISR, KNIR)

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Second Conference :

Central Italy and the creation of a cultural koinè?
The different routes of the “Romanization”

(Rome, Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut Rome, British School at Rome, 21-24 October 2014)

The “Romanization”, consequence of the annexation and integration of the conquered peoples and cultures of Italian peninsula, has been recently widely debated.

We believe, as happened in the case of the first conference, that once more the different perspectives from which the problem can be analysed (from the point of view of the conquered peoples or of the conquerors) could make an important contribution to the debate, creating a picture with different depths and giving answers to the different questions.

For this reason we think that the dialogue between two scholars with different (pre-Roman and Roman) backgrounds can be once more profitably used in this second part of the project, in which we would like to investigate specific subjects rather than territories. We will therefore propose to the invited speakers wide subjects (with particular regard to political, linguistic and epigraphic, religious, economic and artisanal issues and the organisation of territories) and we will invite them to analyse these subjects in connection with wide areas, with particular regard to the central part of the Italian peninsula, aiming at understanding how and when a cultural koiné was created in the last centuries of the Roman Republic.