About Studying in our Department

A note to our international students...

All our BA courses are taught in French while some MA courses are available in English. For regular MA students, a B2 level in French is required for admission. MA theses can be written in English by permission of the Dean. There are no language requirements for MA-level exchange students.

The Philosophy Department does not directly handle admission or immatriculation to a BA or MA in Philosophy. For all related questions, please consult first the program overview of the Faculty of Humanities (to which our Department belong) and the information provided by the University of Geneva's admission service. For specific queries, contact the Faculty's academic advisors.

Welcome Days

The Philosophy Department hosts a general information meeting at the beginning of each academic year, as well as as reception hours for questions about classes schedule and studies organisation.


New Students

New students, if you do not want to miss out on philosophy-related information, subscribe to the Department's mailing list.

The Students Association PhilEAs also welcomes new students.