For a general overview of University resources for students, see the main library page of the University of Geneva.

Philosophy Department's Library

The Philosophy library [in French] is located in the 'Jura' wing of the 'Bastions' building. The main reading room 'Naville' is on the ground floor.

Visit the Department's library webpage [in French] for general information and a list of resources. Explore Geneva's network of scientific libraries [in French], the Humanities libraries [in French], and browse the Genevan catalogue or the global RERO catalogue for western Switzerland.


Online Resources

The University of Geneva subscribes to many international scientific journals; a full list is accessible here [in French].

To view and download the full papers, you must access them either from the University network, or remotely with a VPN (instructions here [in French]). When connected to the network, a Google Scholar search will provide links to the full papers directly.

Moodle is the online platform for course materials, where teachers will communicate information and upload materials, readings etc. Most past courses materials are available as well. To access it, you need your ISIS login and password.

Other useful resources include:


Journal edited by the Department

The international philosophical journal dialectica, official organ of the European Society for Analytic Philosophy, is edited in Geneva.The latest issues can be consulted on dialectica's page at its publisher website, Wiley-Blackwell.


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