Antibody Production

We are happy to produce recombinant antibodies for the whole scientific community

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For members of the University of Geneva, you can contact us directly at



TO ORDER, search for your antibody and click on the desired Fc format (possible formats: mouse, human, rabbit, and guinea pig).  Prices range from CHF 200 to 400.

Our standard format is a mini-antibody with the scFv antigen-binding portion fused to an Fc (see figure below). Our current offer of Fc portions are: rabbit IgG; human IgG1 and IgG2; mouse IgG1, IgG2A; guinea pig IgG (Note: if you do not state otherwise, we will use human IgG1 and mouse IgG2A). For all practical purposes, an scFv-Fc minibody is essentially the same as a standard IgG antibody (and can be used with all standard secondary reagents).

If the antibody you wish to produce is not on the ordering website, and you have the sequence, you can send us the information. Your antibody will be produced, and the antibody will be incorporated at the ABCD database (with an ABCD identifier attributed). In order to submit a new antibody, click here.

We deliver non-purified cell supernatants (50-100 μg) produced in serum-free HEK293 cells. For each antibody produced, we will let you know the yield obtained. Note that different antibodies are produced with VERY different and unpredictable yields, especially when the antibody is produced by the first time at our facility. In some cases, only low or very low amounts of antibody will be produced. In this situation, no reimbursement is possible







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