The Bioinformatics Support Platform offers two types of services:

  1. Data analysis permanencies
  2. Embedded bioinformatics support

Both services are described below.

The permanencies are open twice a week, free of charge, upon reservation. The users come with their laptop and their data to a dedicated room at opening hours. They have access to the advices of an experienced bioinformatician to move forward on their data analysis projects. The capacity of the permanence room is limited to 3 users to facilitate interactions.


Room: D09.1546.a

Pricing: free

Opening hours
Tuesdays 9:00-12:00
Thursdays 9:00-12:00

Terms of access:

  • Users have booked a slot on the booking system 
  • Users come with their laptop and their data
  • Capacity of the room is max. 3 users
  • Priority is given to members of the Faculty of Medicine
  • Users wear a mask


Book a slot

The Embedded Bioinformatics Support activity allows the research labs to have flexible access to an experienced bioinformatician. A planning is established in agreement with the lab to embed a bioinformatician within the lab at an activity level of 10%-40%. The bioinformatician collaborates with a member of the lab to analyse its data. Consulting hours are also possible at the same conditions.

Terms of access:

  • A desk is available within the host lab for the bioinformatician at scheduled times.
  • A member of the host lab (responsible for the project) is present to collaborate with the bioinformatician at scheduled times.
  • The host lab accepts that the code produced within the lab by the bioinformatician is open. In particular, the code can be used by the platform outside of the lab in other projects without restrictions.
  • The bioinformatician is always acknowledged in the articles resulting from its contribution. There is no obligation regarding authorship: the host lab decides if the contribution is important enough for authorship.
  • Embedded support is possible for a maximum period of 3 months, renewable according to availabilities.


For members of the Faculty of Medicine: 75CHF/hour 
For external academic: 100CHF/hour temporarily unavailable
For external non-academic: 200CHF/hour temporarily unavailable


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