Geneva Platelet Group

Basic science in platelet biology

Coordinator: Prof Pierre Fontana, MD, PhD. Head of the Hemostasis Unit and Laboratory, University Hospitals of Geneva


  • Sylvie Geindre, PhD. Research associate
  • Julia Charlon, MS, PhD student
  • Paulina Ciepla, PhD, postdoc
  • Séverine Nolli, BS. Laboratory technician
  • Fanny Bonhomme, MD. Fellow in the anesthesiology division
  • Alessandro Casini, MD. Senior lecturer in Hemostasis
  • Thomas Lecompte, MD, PhD. Senior lecturer in Hemostasis
  • Jean-Charles Sanchez, PhD. Head of the Translational Biomarker Group

The GpG is involved with the investigation of platelet function and thrombus formation with various assays according to each ongoing project. Several techniques allow the generation of megakaryocytes from human primary stem cells and the production of platelets. The GpG also collaborates with the Translational Biomarker Group for integrated proteomics, transcriptomics and genomics to better understand and decipher the determinants of platelet reactivity in various settings, and with the group of Marguerite Neerman-Arbez for the zebrafish model and fibrinogen disorders.