Dean's Office

Prof. Daniel HUBER

Dean's Delegate for Digital Issues

+41 22 379 53 47

Associate Professor
Department of Basic Neuroscience
Director, Geneva University NeuroCenter
Delegate to the Dean's Office for Digital Issues

Daniel Huber began his academic career with a degree in zoology from the University of Zurich in 1998. After a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Lausanne in 2005, he moved to the United States for a post-doctoral fellowship at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York and at the Janelia Research Campus in Virginia, where he continued his research into the sensory and motor circuits of the cortex. Winner of an SNSF professorial fellowship, he returned to Switzerland and set up a laboratory in the Department of Basic Neurosciences in the Faculty of Medicine at the UNIGE in 2012. He then obtained several prestigious grants, including an ERC-consolidator grant from the European Union, which enabled him to extend his research into the sensory and motor neuroprosthetics of the hand. An assistant professor in the Department of Basic Neuroscience since 2012, he has been appointed associate professor in June 2019 and Director of the Interfaculty Neuroscience Centre in 2022. As of 15 July, he is a delegate to the Dean's Office for digital issues.

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