Pascal Senn

Dr Matthieu Ischer

Dr Matthieu Ischer

Adjoint scientifique


I studied Biology at the University of Geneva and obtained a Masters degree under the supervision of Prof. David Sander, Dr. Sylvain Delplanque and Prof. Ivan Rodriguez. During my Masters thesis, I pursued my Bachelor's research project using EEG, and I highlighted a sex-specific effect of a sweat molecule (AND) which affects brain activation related to emotional attention. 

I  worked as a research assistant on schyzotypy, testing self-face recognition on fMRI with Prof. Sophie Schwartz and Prof. Martin Debanné.

Then i worked on the chemical sensory perception of asnosmic, parosmic and phantosmic patients at the hospital of Geneva with Sylvain Lacroix and Basile Landis.

Subsequently, i investigated how scents can enhance emotional experiences in immersive virtual worlds with Prof. David Sander and Dr. Sylvain Delplanque .

Finally, I completed my doctoral degree in Neurosciences on the orientation of the visual attention by lateralized nasal trigeminal stimulations with prof. David Sander and Dr. Sylvain Delplanque.

I’am was working with prof. Senn as a scientific adjoint.