Monica Gotta

Monica Gotta

Prof. Monica Gotta


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Monica Gotta did her undergraduate studies in Turin, Italy. She then moved to Switzerland and performed her doctoral studies on chromatin organization in the laboratory of Susan Gasser at the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (ISREC). She received her PhD from the University of Lausanne in 1997.  In 1998 she joined the group of Dr Julie Ahringer at the Welcome CR/UK Gurdon Institute to study the mechanisms of cell polarization and mitotic spindle positioning during asymmetric cell division of the C. elegans embryo. In 2002 she went back to Switzerland as a Swiss National Science Foundation Assistant Professor at the Institute of Biochemistry, ETH, Zurich. In 2008 she became Associate Professor at the Medical Faculty of the University of Geneva. She was promoted to Full Professor in 2014.