Apr 12: seminar from Prof. Tiago Gil Oliveira

On Tuesday 12th of April, Prof. Tiago Gil OLIVEIRA, Life and Health Sciences Research Institute, School of Medicine, University of Minho, Portugal, invited by Prof. Anne-Claude GAVIN, will give a conference entitled “The role of the phospholipase D pathway in the nervous system functioning and Alzheimer's disease”.

The conference will take place on Tuesday 12th of April at 10am in the auditorium Alex-F. Müller A250 & via Zoom.

The focus of his research is to develop new diagnostic and treatment strategies for Alzheimer’s disease, while also understanding the basic mechanisms for learning and memory. His approach benefits from a variety of experimental models (cell culture, worms, mice and rats) and techniques, which are complemented with human brain magnetic resonance imaging based on my clinical practice as a neuroradiologist.

For more details, see his website.


31 Mar 2022