Christmas festivities in the department

The festivities started on December 12th with a “Vin Chaud” celebration accompanied by homemade cookies and Chocolate Cauldrons for Geneva’s Fête de l’Escalade. 



Then, on December 19th the PHYM teleported to prehistoric times to celebrate its annual Christmas Party.

Stone age 1.jpg



The party, which was hosted by the Feraille and de Seigneux groups, took place in a cave lighted by a fire. In this ancestral atmosphere, the PHYM members enjoyed many games, such as a prehistoric quizz and a “draw your PI contest”. The costumes were fantastic and ranged from leopard print robes with bones in the hairs, to dinosaurs or even people dressed as fire.


Christmas_organisingteam.jpg Christmas_fire.jpg



A great big thanks to all who participated in this fun end of the year, and wishing everybody very nice Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations !





Posted by: V. Rosset

20 Dec 2019