Congratulations to Birgit Kastberger and Joanna Bou Saab for their successful thesis defences

The PHYM Department congratulates Birgit Kastberger and Joanna Bou Saab for their successful Doctoral thesis defences that took place on Tues, 8th December, and Fri, 18th Dec, 2015, respectively.



 Birgit began her Ph.D training in the laboratory of Prof.  Berhard Wehrle-Haller in March 2011. During the course of her training, she worked on the implications of posttranslational signals such as acetylation and phosphorylation in protein-protein interactions  between integrins, adaptor proteins and extracellular matrix proteins, and their relevance to muscle disease. Birgit plans to pursue her scientific career as a Preclinical Project Manager at Pharnext in Issy-les-Moulineaux.




Joanna-small.jpgJoanna joined the laboratory of Prof.  Marc Chanson in September 2011. During the course of her studies, she worked on mechanisms involved in the repair of the airway epithelium in non-diseased and cystic fibrosis samples. Her findings contributed to the better understanding of the pathophysiology and the repair defect in cystic fibrosis.




 Wishing Birgit and Joanna the all the best for their bright future!



















Posted by: P. Nunes

7 Jan 2016