Excellence Award for Anne-Claude Gavin


© Lipotype / André Wirsig. Prof. Gavin with Prof. Simons, the founder of Lipotype.

Anne-Claude Gavin, Louis-Jeantet Professor in the Department of Cell Physiology and Metabolism, is the winner of the First Lipidomics Excellence Award (LEA). This prize was founded to strengthen life sciences through lipidomics.

Anne-Claude Gavin is rewarded for her research project on lipid transfer. Lipid transfer proteins play an important role in lipid metabolism and associated disorders.  At least 131 of them have been identified in humans; some seem to be involved in the orchestration of lipid transfer between membranes, thus spatially organizing lipids and linking lipid metabolic pathways. Professor Anne-Claude Gavin will use her LEA research prize to develop the first molecular mapping of these lipid "highways". The resulting discoveries will provide a better understanding of the alterations in these lipid pathways associated with the development of cancer.




Posted by: Véronique Rosset

21 Oct 2019