A grant for diabetes and liver treatment research

Etienne Delangre, a researcher in the laboratory of Obesity, liver metabolic disorders & cancer has received support from the Bo & Kerstin Hjelt Foundation for his project “Therapeutic potential of S100A10 Inhibition in Hepatic Insulin Resistance, MASLD and Type 2 Diabetes”.

Insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and liver metabolic diseases (MASLD) are multifactorial metabolic diseases that affect millions of people worldwide. The increasing number of people affected urges for the search of new treatment options.

Etienne Delangre in collaboration with other researchers of the laboratory has discovered a protein, called S100A10, which is able to alleviate the symptoms of these metabolic diseases. The research prize will enable him to assess in vitro and in vivo the therapeutic potential of  downregulating S100A10.


18 Mar 2024