LIMNA Symposium: Congratulations to Coppari group's Ebru Aras and Xavier Brenachot for their poster awards!


The 7th LIMNA symposium was held on Tuesday April, 4th 2017 at the CHUV in Lausanne. This symposium was organized for students and post-docs, who presented their work either via posters or by short talks, after abstract selection by the LIMNA organizing committee. Two members of the Coppari team, Ebru Aras, who is a PhD student working on circadian rhythm and Dr. Xavier Brenachot, a post-doctoral scientist focusing on mechanisms developing obesity, type 2 diabetes and inflammation, had a very successful congress as they won a prize for their respective poster presentations! Ebru received the prize awarded by students and post-docs who attended the symposium for her talk: "SIRT1 in SF1 Neurons Links Light Inputs to Circadian Function in Gastrocnemius”, while Xavier received the prize awarded by the guest organizers for his poster: "Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Receptor Gamma is a target of NF-κB that negatively regulates insulin sensitivity".

Here is the link to LIMNA website:

Congratulations to both of them! 

























Posted by: S. Ljubicic

18 Apr 2017