Luca Cirillo and Damian Dudka chosen for a prestigious course at Woods Hole

Luca Cirillo (from the group of Monica Gotta) and Damian Dudka (from Patrick Meraldi's group) have been both selected for the MBL Physiology Course, running from June 11- July 30th at the prestigious Woods Hole Marine Biology Laboratory in Massachusetts, USA. This inter-disciplinary 7 week course brings together cell biologists, biophysicists and computational biologists from all over the world. The course, which is given by world-class scientist, consists of classes, seminars, presentations and intensive experimental lab work on real research project, with a heavy emphasis on microscopy-based techniques, image analysis and computational modelling. To cover the registration fees and the travel costs Luca and Damian both obtained a Böhringer Ingelheim travel grant, which covers all the costs.

Congratulations Luca and Damian!












































Posted by: P. Nunes-Hasler

23 May 2017