October 1st: seminar from Tatjana Kleele

This Thursday October 1st à 15.15, Tatjana Kleele from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ‐ EPFL will give a conference for real and via Zoom entitled "Super-resolution imaging of mitochondrial dynamics".


Mitochondrial fission is a highly regulated process which, when disrupted, can alter metabolism, proliferation and apoptosis. The downstream effects have implications for a broad range of diseases, from neurodegeneration to cardiovascular disease and cancer. Despite a universal molecular machinery, the outcome of fission can be divers: biogenesis of new mitochondria to maintain the mitochondrial population, but also dissociation of dysfunctional mitochondria, which undergo mitophagy. Therefore, the question arises how the fission machinery is accounting for those opposing function and whether there is a distinct regulation. Due to their small size, the dynamics of mitochondria and their interaction partners are hard to study at the single organelle level.

Tatjana Kleele uses live-cell super-resolution microscopy (SIM, iSIM) for fast multi-colour acquisition of mitochondrial dynamics in Cos-7 cells and mouse cardiomyocytes. She analysed hundreds of fission events, to resolve if division leading to proliferation is differently regulated than fission leading to mitophagy.


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28 Sept 2020