PhD defence of Mrs Martina Spiljar

Last September 18th at 3pm, Mrs Martina Spiljar defended brilliantly via Zoom her PhD thesis on Systemic metabolic stimulation by cold exposure reprograms monocytes and attenuates neuroinflammation. Her thesis was conducted under the direction of Prof. Mirko TRAJKOVSKI from the Department of Cell physiology and metabolism and of Prof. Doron MERKLER from the Department of pathology and immunology.

The outcome of number of different diseases, including autoimmune disorders, are influenced by environmental factors and are in part mediated by a changed microbiota composition. Martina's work focuses on the impact of cold exposure on the immune system and in neuroinflammation as well as how the microbiota affect this interaction.


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Martina Spiljar will soon join the laboratory of Prof. Vijay Kuchroo at Harvard Medical School in Boston, who is working on identifying molecular pathways that regulate T cell responses for the benefit of treating immune-mediated disease.


4 Sept 2020