An inspiring seminar from Pr Manlio VINCIGUERRA

On the 12th of September 2023, Pr. Manlio VINCIGUERRA, Liverpool Centre for Cardiovascular Science, Liverpool John Moores University & University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, invited by Pr. Michelangelo FOTI has given a lecture entitled “Circulating histones as robust liquid biopsies for metabolic diseases and cancer”.


Manlio VINCIGUERRA's research activity focuses on the study of epigenetic mechanisms, in particular histone complexes and their regulation, involved in the diagnosis and in the progression of cardio-metabolic disorders, using cell/animal models and human biopsies.


During his lecture, he presented his recent findings on the presence of certain histones specifically in the blood of patients according to the disease they suffer from, paving the way for potential new means of detection that could be less invasive and quicker than traditional biopsies.

4 Sept 2023