The PHYM Department congratulates Daniele Guido his successful thesis defence


The PHYM Department congratulates Daniele Guido, a student supervised by Prof. Nicolas Demaurex with the help of Dr. Paula NunesHasler, for his successful Doctoral thesis defences on Wed, Nov 23rd 2016.

Daniele began his Ph.D. studies in 2012. During the course of his training, he conducted a study, published in the Journal of Cell Science, centred on a molecule called junctate which he found to be important for generating localized Ca2+ signals during phagocytosis, the process through which certain types of immune cells engulf and destroy invading bacteria. As numerous pathogens block Ca2+ signals during phagocytosis in order to escape destruction, these results represent an important advancement in our understanding of the signalling mechanisms that control phagocytosis and could inform the development of future therapies. Moreover, Daniele published a video-protocol describing how measure intra-phagosomal pH in the Journal of Visual Experiments (JoVE), and is currently helping to write a book chapter on store-operated Ca2+ entry for the publisher Springer. His participation in several ongoing studies in the lab has also lead to authorships in two additional manuscripts in preparation.  In addition to his academic studies Daniele was also heavily involved in the PHYM Ph.D. Student and Post-doc Association and helped organize several successful events including a PhD Student retreat, a PHYM Day and other social events that helped strengthen ties within the PHYM and CMU community. 

 In the future Daniele hopes to become a medical writer, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours!

























Posted by: P. Nunes-Hasler


2 Dec 2016