We were thrilled to resume our yearly annual Workshops, continuing to allow basic and clinical researchers in psychiatric neuroscience of the Lemanic area to meet and thereby promoting interactions between researchers and increasing our sense of community as the newly established Synapsy Network.

Group photo © Centre Synapsy UNIGE, photograph Louis Choisy

Our Synapsy Network is made up of three faculty Centers based at the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne, as well as at EPFL – the UNIGE Synapsy Centre for Neuroscience and Mental Health Research, the UNIL/CHUV Synapsy Center and the EPFL Synapsy Center for Neuroscience and Mental Health.This year, the annual Workshop was organized by the Synapsy Centre UNIGE.

Ou Workshop took place Thursday March 14th, 2024 at the Hotel Everness in Chavannes de Bogis. We had two very interesting keynote lectures – by Profs. Eero Castren and Franz Vollenweider – on the topic of psychadellics in psychiatry. We also had local speakers from each insitution highighting local research. Finally, we had a poster session where more junior researchers were able to showcase their research. Three of them were rewarded with a poster prize:

  • Poster # 8 Investigating ultrasound-mediated blood-brain barrier opening as a strategy to improve drug delivery in Alzheimer’s DiseaseLaurene Abjean (Institution: UNIGE/HUG & PI: Prof. Millet)
  •  Poster # 22 Eigenvector centrality connectivity patterns indicate age and APOE4 carrier status.Aïda Fall (Institution: UNIGE/HUG & PI: Prof. Unschuld)
  •  Poster # 28 Advanced Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging Techniques for Early Detection in Youth at Risk for PsychosisEdgar Céléreau (Institution: UNIL/CHUV & PI: Prof. Klauser)


Thursday March 14th, 2024 (all day)

Program overview

The Workshop is a one-day event with a morning session, lunch, afternoon session and a cocktail dinatoire.