Institut de recherches sociologiques

Welcome to the ISR

The Institute of Sociological Research (ISR) was created in January 2015 and aims to promote sociology through various publications and projects. It encompasses learning (master and PhD) and research. The ISR team implements research projects that are both fundamental and applied in order to satisfy various demands and provides sociological expertise in various fields which respond to the needs of public authorities, private companies or other partners.

The ISR contributes to the preparation of grant applications. It submits applications to Swiss or International institutions which fund these research programs (Swiss National Fund, COST, European funds, fellowships, Swiss Network for International Studies, etc..). In that capacity, it provides administrative, organizational and ethical solutions that are needed all along the development of these projects.

The ISR provides an infrastructure for quality research and contributes to developing a variety of fundamental and applied research studies:

  1. Health, Medecine, Risks and Organizations
  2. Occupations, Practices and Policies for Culture and Communication
  3. Decision-making and governance
  4. Family, Age and Generations  
  5. Visual Sociology and Visual Anthropology