• 2 PhD positions on the topic of “Adaption Through Natural Selection of Terrestrial Life to Extra-Terrestrial Conditions: Lessons for Life in the Universe” in the research groups of Prof. Bastiaan Ibelings and Prof. Daniel F. McGinnis
    • One position on Evolutionary Biology 
    • One position on Trace Gas and Isotope measurements

Travail de Master / Master Thesis subjects

  • Megafloods versus groundwater seepage for the formation of Martian canyons? 
    Supervised by Sébastien CASTELLTORT (sebastien.castelltort(at), Abdallah ZAKI (Abdallah.Zaki(at)
  • Quantifying erosion rates on Mars
    Supervised by Sébastien CASTELLTORT (sebastien.castelltort(at), Abdallah ZAKI (Abdallah.Zaki(at)
  • Plate tectonics or not: a parameter study for rocky exoplanets
    Supervised by Luca Caricchi (luca.caricchi(at), Emeline Bolmont (emeline.bolmont(at)
  • Surface conditions of habitable planets of different atmospheric compositions and their effect on the survival of Earth-life forms
    Supervised by Daniel F. McGinnis (Daniel.Mcginnis(at), Emeline Bolmont (emeline.bolmont(at), Bastiaan W. Ibelings (Bastiaan.Ibelings(at)


Nothing yet here!


  • SNSF Assistant professorship in micropaleontology, biostratigraphy, paleoecology, earth-life interactions, planetary habitability, biosignatures, climate change
    Call for PRIMA or SNSF Starting Grant applicants at the Department of Earth Sciences. Deadline 1st February 2023.

If you want to propose another research project in Geneva on the topic of Life in the Universe (through ERC, SNF Ambizione, SNF Eccellenza, SNF Prima, or other funding schemes...), please contact emeline.bolmont(at)

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