Lodge of Sciences II

Mail Office

The heads of the lodge of Sciences II provide the take in, distribution, centralized collection and sending of letters and packages for all the Schools of the Faculty of Science in the Sciences II neighborhood.

Contact the lodge directly for rates of postage and shipping conditions, when you are waiting for a special delivery (unstable reagents, express parcel), or if you need to perform an express delivery (DHL, Federal Express).

They will also inform about how to get from the Post Office the new barcode leaves for the billing of shipments.

Heads: Naussadali Abibo and Younh Ramseyer • +41 22 379 60 74 | +41 22 379 60 22 | +41 22 379 60 07

Sciences II lodge, immediately on the left of the main entrance •

Opening hours : Monday to Thursday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm • Friday from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Reservation of Rooms and Lecture Theaters

The reservations of rooms and lecture theaters in the Sciences II and Sciences III buildings are centralized at the lodge of Sciences II. They must be promptly provided to the heads of the lodge to ensure the availability of the premises. Reservations already confirmed cannot be canceled in favor of a last minute reservation.

Reservations for week days after 6:00 pm or for weekends must also be provided by (preferably) or by fax (+41 22 379 70 03) at least two weeks in advance to the Service de la logistique which centralizes the requests to guarantee open access to the building, security and guarding.

It is also necessary to notify in advance the Service de la logistique when extraordinary events (presence of personalities or many participants expected) are organized so that it coordinates the security of the persons and places.

After the reservation, contact the Info-Media Center when audio-visual equipment is needed for the event.

Reservations of rooms or lecture theaters and audio-visual equipment outside of Sciences II and Sciences III are centralized by the Service de la logistique, where they must be received no later than two weeks in advance. It is not necessary to inform the lodge of Sciences II or the Info-Media Center for such reservations.

Ernst and Lucie Schmidheiny Library (Bibliothèque Ernst et Lucie Schmidheiny - BELS)

The BELS brings together a large collection of books and scientific journals, on behalf of the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, the School of Biology, the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the School of Physics, and for all the members of the university community. In addition to the paper, more collections and more journals are now available electronically through subscriptions managed by the BELS and the University.

Sciences II, ground floor, down the hall to the left from the main entrance

Opening hours : Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm • Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Info-Media Center

The Info-Media Center is available to all of the Faculty of Science for all matters relating to audio-visual equipment in the Sciences II and Science III buildings. Requests for audio-visual materials should be sent to the Info-Media Center as soon as possible to ensure the availability of the equipment. Also contact the Info-Media Center for any special request.

• +41 22 379 30 00

Displaying announcements on the giant screens

Events (conferences, seminars or other) organized by the School of chemistry and biochemistry and announced on its website are systematically introduced into the giant screens database and are advertised 2-3 working days in advance on the giant screens of the Sciences II and Sciences III buildings.

On request, illustrations can be added to customize the announcements, and one-time events not mentioned on the website of the School may exceptionally be still advertised on the giant screens.

In all cases, the Info-Media Center oversees the management of announcements for the entire Faculty of Science, but the requests for the events of the School of chemistry and biochemistry must be sent to

Technical Service of the Office of the Buildings

  • Renovation and conversion of laboratories and offices
  • Water leaks, flooding, plumbing and sealing problems
  • Lighting, heating, ventilation
  • Power outage and elevator failure
  • Charging and control of fire extinguishers
  • Intervention of the cleaning and maintenance crews

The head of the Technical Service of the Office of the Buildings for the Sciences centralizes the requests and coordinates the work of the various trades.

Head : Christophe Droux • +41 22 379 60 16 | mobile +41 78 606 18 68 | fax +41 22 379 32 16

Sciences II, ground floor, behind the lodge •

Health at Work, Environment, Prevention, Safety
(Santé au Travail, Environnement, Prévention, Sécurité - STEPS)

  • Safety, security guard services and intervention
  • Laboratory waste (including radioactive waste)
  • Contaminated laboratory glassware

The head of Santé au Travail, Environnement, Prévention, Sécurité (STEPS) for the Sciences centralizes the requests and coordinates the work of the specialists.

Head : Raphaël Maion • +41 22 379 31 63 | mobile +41 78 637 30 15 | fax + 41 22 379 63 52

Sciences I, office 119B on 1st floor •


  • Consult the items in stock in the magasin central
  • Order on Quarks
  • Change a gas cylinder
  • Reserve a scanner or printer

Opening hours

Magasin central in the 1st basement of SCII
08:30 am to 11:30 am
01:00 pm to 05:00 pm

Collect point at SCIII
08:00 am to 05:00 pm

Access map to the Magasin central, 1st basement of SCII and to the Collect Point at SCIII

Telephone and contact

022 379 67 01 (Magasin central desk SCII)
022 379 67 03 (Collect point at SCIII)
E-mail: magasin-central(at)

Société chimique de Genève

The purpose of the Society is to bring together people and communities interested in chemistry.

The association is composed of chemists, students and assistants from the University of Geneva, and especially from its School of chemistry and biochemistry, as well as scientists from companies and groups in the Geneva area. (web site only available in French)