Swiss Doctoral School


The Swiss Doctoral School (SDS) in Affective Sciences is the doctoral program of the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences (CISA). It is open to any researcher doing a PhD on topics related to affect or emotion, irrespective of their discipline.


Two types of membership are possible:

  • Full members are PhD students enrolled in a Swiss University;
  • Associate members are PhD students from institutions in other countries.


Full member

(Swiss institution)

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Associate member

(Foreign institution)

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PhD students who are interested in enrolling in the Swiss Doctoral School (SDS) in Affective Sciences must:

  • Be enrolled in a Swiss University (only full members).
  • Carry out a thesis concerning emotion or other affective phenomena.
  • Be willing to acquire interdisciplinary skills in the study of emotion.
  • Commit to obtaining the required credit load to obtain the SDS certificate.
  • Be willing to become an active member of the CISA doctoral community


Application procedure:

  1. Students are required to complete and submit the online application form and to attach a CV, a cover letter (explaining their motivation to join the program), and a letter of support from their supervisor.
  2. The Education & Training team evaluates the applications.
  3. If the application corresponds to the requirements of the program, the students will be admitted to the doctoral school.

Please bear in mind that responses to applications may take up to 4 weeks.


Important: If the student withdraws from their University, changes advisor, or stops their PhD altogether , they must inform the Coordinator of the SDS in Affective Sciences by email (education-cisa(at) within 8 weeks; if they are no longer affiliated with a University, the affiliation with the SDS in Affective Sciences will also be terminated.