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The doctoral school of the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences offers a mentoring program to its members (full members). Newly enrolling students will be offered the possibility of requesting a professor mentor (in the same or different discipline) to accompany them during their PhD and help them improve their academic profile and professional prospects. The program consists primarily of (self-managed) meetings between mentors and mentees. Mentors can provide advice and share their experience with mentees on a range of subjects such as research funding, group management, publication strategy, visibility, teaching, recruitment, mobility and job-family harmonization.

Subject to availability, peer mentoring is also offered. Under this framework, senior PhD students, postdocs or other advanced researchers at CISA accompany SDS newcomers during the first year at CISA to advise on practical matters and share their experience.

The members of the doctoral school are also invited to join the "Peers", an group of current and former CISA researchers, self-managed by the members, to discuss work and to support each other in all matters relevant to academic life.

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