Swiss Doctoral School


The school organizes the following main activities:

Lecture ∼1.5 hours Once/month
Workshop ∼4 hours Every 2 months
Graduate Seminar ∼4 hours Every 2 months
Summer School ∼7 days Every 2 years

Lectures: Once per month

Speakers in a CISA lecture present a selected topic, followed by discussion with the audience. The lectures are intended to provide a forum for renowned scientists and scholars from varied disciplinary backgrounds who have made a significant contribution in their field of research to the Affective Sciences. For certain lectures, additional reading material may be provided to students prior to the event. Lectures can be held in person, online, on in a hybrid mode.


Workshops: Once every two months

The workshops can have different formats depending on the discipline and/or the topic to be addressed and they will have an average duration of 4 hours. Additional reading material may be provided to students prior to the event. Examples of workshops include: round tables about a current research question; students’ presentations and discussion with peers and advanced researchers; tutorials or hands-on demonstrations of particular methodologies for the measurement or analysis of affective phenomena in various disciplines; transversal skills; or career development resources and opportunities.


Graduate seminars: Once every two months

The graduate seminars will have an average duration of 4 hours.  The aim of this activity is to introduce students to disciplines and/or broad topics of interest in the study of emotion, so as to provide a common ground of interdisciplinary knowledge and vocabulary for the new generations of affective scientists, whichever their field. These sessions are practical and interactive, providing an overview of an area of interest to the field and ample opportunity for debate or exercises.


Summer School: Every two years the International Summer School in Affective Sciences (ISSAS) will be organized by the Swiss Center in Affective Sciences. The school addresses both thematic and methodological issues concerning specific topics of interest for the affective sciences. ISSAS involves extensive teaching and practical group sessions. The typical duration of the International Summer School in Affective Sciences is 7 days. 


Other: variable periodicity

On occasion, the program organizes additional events such as information sessions, courses and symposia.