Swiss Doctoral School


A SDS in Affective Sciences Certificate is granted once the student has obtained the PhD degree from her/his university and upon successful completion of at least 10 credits. The credits granted by the SDS in Affective Sciences are based on the workload required for ECTS credits. The SDS certificate is not a PhD diploma, but rather a training certificate for the student's cv and a complement to the PhD diploma issued by the student's university.

If, at the time of the PhD thesis defense, the student has not completed the required amount of credits to obtain the certificate, they may remain enrolled in the program until the confirmation of the 10 credits required, or for a maximum period of 6 months.

Credits are assigned following the indications in the table below.


Activity1Credits calculationMin credits required



24 lectures = 1 credit




5 workshops = 1 credit


Graduate Seminar


5 graduate seminars = 1 credit





1 day = 0.5 credit

2 days = 1 credit

>=3 days = 1.5 credit




0.5 credit per talk or poster


Summer/Winter School


0.5 credit each day


Knowledge Transfer

(minimum 2 activities)

25h = 1 credit4


Soft Skills Training

Must be validated by SDS in Affective Sciences Coordinator5


Other activities (MOOCs, courses, …)



1Overall 3 credits across all the activities should be interdisciplinary, meaning in a discipline different than the main discipline of the student’s research. In order to indicate which activities correspond to this criterion, the student will check the corresponding box in the “Apply for credits” form.

2In addition to the lectures organized by the SDS in Affective Sciences, credits can also be obtained for other lecture series, such as 'Thumos' or 'Brain & Cognition'.

3To be added to credits for conference attendance, if applicable.

4 Preparation time will also be considered when calculating credits for Knowledge Transfer activities.

5 In specific cases, a limited number of credits completed with external partner institutions can also be approved. Please seek approval from education-cisa(at) before signing up.

How to obtain credits:

In order to apply for credits for lectures, the PhD student is required to fill out the form “Lectures Credits

The form must then be sent to:

Kyrha Declère

Swiss Center for Affective Sciences – Campus Biotech

9, Chemin des Mines

CH-1202 Geneva



In order to apply for credits for any other activity the PhD student is required to fill out the form "Apply for Credits" (with the required attachments specified in the form).