Swiss Doctoral School

Travel Funding Support

Funding is available for the full members of the SDS in Affective Sciences to attend scientific events organized by the program or by external parties. For external events, a travel grant should be requested before the event (see below).

Available types of funding:

Travel In Switzerland Train: second class, half-price fare Taxi and parking fees are not reimbursed
Abroad Flight: tourist class Only for destinations that cannot be reached within 4 hours by train
Accommodation Residential stay (e.g., summer school) Max. 180 CHF per 24h Including accommodation & board
Hotel night Max. 90 CHF per night (breakfast included) Only for activities taking place over a minimum of two consecutive days
Meals In Switzerland & abroad

Lunch : max. 30 CHF per meal

Dinner: max 40 CHF per meal

Max. one meal per day for activities lasting one day only, or taking place on non-consecutive days.
Meals are not reimbursed for activities lasting less than four hours.
Tips are not reimbursed.

 Travel grant to attend external scientific events

A call is open annually on January 1st for travel grants to attend scientific events organized outside the SDS Affective Sciences in that calendar year.


  • The event must be related to the affective sciences.
  • The student will present their research (talk and/or poster). Exceptions to this rule should be duly justified.
  • A limited amount of money will be available for each year call. Grants will be allocated until funds are exhausted in the ongoing call. Applications will be reviewed in chronological order of submission.
  • Students can apply for a maximum of 1’000 CHF/year (but they can apply more than once, so long as that quantity is not surpassed).
  • Students can apply at any point of the year, however, it is strongly recommended to submit applications as early as possible and at the latest one month before the date of the event, for the application to be processed in time.
  • We do not guarantee that the full requested sum will be granted. If your application is successful, the specific amount approved will be notified by email.
  • IMPORTANT: Please, keep in mind we do not pay lump sums; we can only reimburse the approved expenses, and upon reception of a bill.  

Send your application to education-cisa(at) attaching the documents below.

  • Grant application form
  • A detailed budged of the required sum specifying the various expected expenses, and supporting documents (e.g., print of flight quote).
  • Proof of acceptance of talk/ poster. (NOTE: If this is not available at the time of application, it will have to be submitted with the reimbursement application after the event; without the proof of participation, the approved expenses will not be reimbursed)


Reimbursement of travel expenses

  • UNIGE members can apply for reimbursement directly via the Portail of the UNIGE – SI-Notes de frais
  • Students not affiliated to UNIGE should complete and send the “Reimbursement application form”, attaching original documentation for travel and accommodation (e.g., train tickets, copy of your half-price fare card, hotel invoice, proofs of payment…) to:

Kyrha Declère
Swiss Center for Affective Sciences – Campus Biotech
9, Chemin des Mines
CH-1202 Geneva