Projets de recherche

Projets FNS et autres fonds privés


Projets financés par le FNS :                                                                                                             

  • ChaSpeeProCharacterisation of motor Speech disorders and Processes  (Projet Sinergia FNS 2021-25, M. Laganaro, en collaboration avec F.Assal, HUG; I. Kodrasi, IDIAP-EPFL; C. Fougeron, Paris3).
  • Dynamic Assessment as a window to language processing: Improving diagnosis and remediation in children with DLD (H. Delage) : 2021-2024
  • MoSpeeDi: Motor Speech Disorders: characterizing phonetic speech planning and motorspeech pr ogramming/execution and their impairments  (Projet Sinergia FNS 2017-20, M. Laganaro, en collaboration avec F.Assal, HUG; H. Bourlard, IDIAP-EPFL; C. Fougeron, Paris3).
  • From language to cognition and vice‐versa: Training effects in children with SLI and ASD (H. Delage) : 2016-2020
  • Dynamics of  word production across the lifespan (M. Laganaro & P. Zesiger): 2016-2019
  • Dynamics of facilitation and interference during speech production in healthy speakers and in speakers with aphasia: behavioural and ERP investigation (M. Laganaro): 2012-2016
  • Challenging the Double-Deficit Hypothesis in reading disabled and typically developing school-aged children using behavioral and ERP approaches (P. Zesiger & M. Laganaro): 2016-2017
  • Rapid naming and reading skills in school-aged children: A behavioural and ERP approach to the contribution of lexical phonological processes. (P. Zesiger & M. Laganaro): 2013-2016
  • Audio-visual speech perception and word-learning in monolingual and bilingual infants (M. Havy & P. Zesiger)
  • All speakers are listeners, and vice versa: On the interface between production and comprehension processes (A. Bürki)

 Projet financé par le NIH:

  • The Path to Language and Literacy: A Cross-Linguistic Longitudinal Approach  (M.. Friend, G. Deák, D.  Poulin-Dubois, & P. Zesiger: San Diego State University, University of California, Concordia University, University of Geneva)

Projet financé par Langage et Communication:

  • Complexity, Variation and Frequency in natural languages.(J. Franck)