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Two series of lectures by Pr. Joakim Nivre (Uppsala) on Universal Dependencies (March and May 2017).

Prof. Joakim Nivre, from the University of Uppsala, will visit the Computational Learning and Computational Linguistics group and the linguistics department in two different occasions this semester, and will give two series of lectures. 

The first week in March will be devoted mainly to Universal Dependencies, a very large universal annotation project involving dozens of teams in the world and around sixty languages. The second week in May will deal mainly with dependency parsing. The first lecture in week 1 is for a broader audience and then the two following lectures  will zoomin on more detailed topics. 

These lectures will be of interest for all computational linguists, linguists interested in corpus-driven work and annotation and for scientists in the digital humanities who face challenges in annotation of different kinds of texts.

The detailed program, times and places are as follows.

Week 1: Universal Dependencies  6th-9th March 2017

1. Universal Dependencies: a framework for cross-linguistically consistent grammatical annotation

     Monday 6th March 16:18 L208

2. Universal Dependencies as a resource for linguistic research

     Tuesday 7th March 12:14 L208

3. Universal Dependencies as a resource for NLP applications

     Wednesday 8th March 16:18 L208

Week 2: Dependency Parsing  2nd-5th May 2017

Mardi de 15h à 18h, salle 301-2 (Battelle)

1. Basic notions of dependency parsing (classic graph-based and transition-based techniques)

2. Recent advances in dependency parsing (recent work including neural dependency parsing)

3. Universal dependency parsing (ideas about how to do parsing for UD)

Mercredi de 9h à 12h salle 432 (Battelle)

4. Advanced transition-based parsing techniques
5. Neural network techniques in dependency parsing
6. Multilingual parsing from raw text to universal dependencies




7 févr. 2017

Actualités (archive)