Research Fellows

Raphael Scholl

FNS Research Fellow

Raphael Scholl is a philosopher and historian of the biological and biomedical sciences. His primary interests are in scientific epistemology and the methodology of integrated history and philosophy of science. He is currently working on the SNF/FNS-funded project "The Philosophy of Infectious Disease Epidemiology".

Scholl received an M.D. from the University of Bern and is expecting a Ph.D. in History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Cambridge. He is also a candidate for the Habilitation in Philosophy at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich and an external member of the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy. He previously taught for six years at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Bern and then pursued his research at the Universities of Pittsburgh, Cambridge, and Geneva. He also served as Interim Professor (W3) of the History of Science at the LMU in Munich.

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