Elodie Malbois

Postdoctoral fellow


Elodie Malbois is a philosopher specialised in the fields of biomedical ethics and social cognition. She completed her dissertation on the concept of availability to others and its application to the medical domain at the University of Fribourg (CH) and received her PhD in 2020. During her PhD, she also did a six-month research stay at the Centre for Clinical Ethics in Paris. Currently, she is an SNSF post-doctoral fellow for the National Centre of Competence in Research Evolving Language (, where she collaborates with Prof. Samia Hurst on the transversal taskforce in ethics. In parallel, she is working on a research project on the use of social robots in medicine for which she obtained an Early Postdoc.Mobility grant from the SNSF.



  • Biomedical ethics and research ethics
  • Ethics of new technologies (AI, robots)
  • Empathy and altruism
  • Empathy in medicine
  • Availability to others and the philosophy of Gabriel Marcel



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