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When is health coverage truly universal? A case study of Chinese internal migrant workers

Lundi 20 juin 2022
12h15 - 13h30  |  Visioconférence ZOOM| CMU A04.3011

Intervenantes : Stéphanie Dagron, Professor of law, Institute of Global Health, Global Studies Institute, Faculties of law and of medicine, University of Geneva and Kailing Marcus, Msc. PhD candidate in Biomedical Sciences, Institute of Global Health, University of Geneva

Since the launch of China's healthcare reform, its progress towards achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) has been lauded as an exemplary model by the United Nations. However, for the 285 million internal migrant workers of China, this "floating population" have a health insurance that does not cover healthcare costs. From legal and public health perspectives, this case study is an opportunity to let us reflect on the question of true UHC, as well as what it means to public and global health.


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