Care Robots from an Ethical Perspective

Lundi 5 juin 2023
12h15 - 13h30
Conférence ouverte à toute personne intéressée.

Prof. Dr. Oliver Bendel
Care and therapy robots can be understood as service robots and in many cases also as social robots. In the talk by Professor Dr. Oliver Bendel from Zurich, the goals, tasks, and characteristics will be clarified and, based on this, considerations will be made from the perspective of ethics. In the end, it should become clear which types of robots and prototypes or products exist in the healthcare sector, what purposes they serve, what functions they assume, and what implications and consequences this has for individuals and society. Care robots may contribute to personal autonomy while weakening informational autonomy. Therapy robots may enhance personal performance and satisfaction, but in individual cases they may also violate human dignity. It is important to design service robots and social robots in the healthcare sector in such a way that they meet as many requirements and needs as possible and are useful tools for caregivers and those in need of care. Disciplines such as machine ethics can help in this regard.
Short Bio
Oliver Bendel studied philosophy and German literature (M.A.) as well as information science (Dipl.-Inf.-Wiss.) at the University of Konstanz. His doctorate in information systems (Dr. oec.) took place at the University of St. Gallen. In 2009, he was appointed professor by the School of Business FHNW. As a robot philosopher, he asks what the machine of the present and future is, will be, and should be like. His main disciplines include information ethics, machine ethics, and robot ethics. “Pflegeroboter (Care Robots)” (2018), a volume he edited, belongs to the core literature in this field, with about 420,000 downloads. Most recently, “Soziale Roboter (Social Robots)” (2021) was published.
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