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  1. Access to the transmission electron microscopes and ancillary equipment
    Independent access to electron microscopes and ancillary equipment is possible after adequate training.
  2. Training sessions to operate the instruments properly and efficiently
    Since most new users are not familiar with the instruments, the PFMU staff will train users on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. When the instructor considers a person capable of working by her/himself, she/he will be allowed to use the facility equipment.
  3. Specimen preparation
    Services include conventional fixation, dehydratation, epon-embedding and sectioning of cells and tissues, cryo-sectioning, immunolabeling, freeze-fracture, critical point drying of specimen, metal coating, etc.

    Please fill the Sample Submission Form before you bring your samples.

  4. Access to the Helios 660 Nanolab DualBeam FIBSEM

    The Helios microscope is operated by an expert scientist of the core facility. Users wishing to perform scanning EM or 3D reconstruction of cells/tissues with this microscope must contact the facility.

  5. Access to AMIRA and MAPS softwares
    Access to AMIRA software to perform 3D reconstructions and to the MAPS software for correlative microscopy is provided to the PFMU users with a powerful computer located at the Bio-imaging facility.



attention.jpgExamination and interpretation of EM samples are made by the users. If detailed supervision is necessary, users should consider engaging in collaboration with a more experienced EM scientist.