Term of access - Prices

The Core Facility is open to the scientific community of the "Arc lémanique" (public and/or private)

Each project using animals should be accepted by the competent authorities. Within UNIGE, the projects should first be submitted to Dr Daniele Roppolo (direction-expanim(at)unige.ch). The investigator responsible for the project will receive the authorization, once the project has been approved by the "Direction Générale de la Santé (DGS)" and the "Commission Cantonale pour les Expériences sur les Animaux". Projects carried out within other Universities, but using the Core Facility for some experiments, should have an intercantonal authorization (validation by all the cantons concerned). A copy must be sent to Dr Daniele Roppolo.

Before being submitted to the DGS, each project must have been discussed with the scientists responsible for the platform to ensure feasibility. Acceptability of the animal health status will be studied at that time.



For details of experiments, see Physiological and metabolic phenotyping. One experiment (max of 16 animals) lasts for one week (acclimation and measurements). The Core Facility ensures data on 48h. Users who need longer acquisition periods (i.e. more than 48h) should contact Dr. Franck Bontems.

Price per experience (fees for the faculty of medicine and associates).

Fees for the Faculty of Science will be multiplied by 2

For externs multiplied by a factor 3


Rats (up to 16): 1’750.- CHF

The study of more than 16 animals requires another week of experimentation and will be charged as a new experiment.

For example: 20 mice require 2 experiments of 10 mice. Each experiment including 4 days of experimentation max (2 or 3 days of habituation and 1 day of measurement).



The prices include:

  • Animal handling (body weight measurements, change of cages from acclimation to experimental cages)
  • Following of animal welfare
  • EchoMRI costs for the animals (needed to normalize the data) and teaching to use the instrument
  • Support to write the documents for obtaining the animal authorizations

The prices do not include:

  • Costs of animals and their housing (housing is charged through the Pyrat system, once the animals are moved to the Labmaster)

Note that :

  • Body composition measurements with the EchoMRI should be performed by the user
  • Some special treatments can be performed with cost adjustments
  • Prices will be upgraded in the future.


Glucose / insulin clamp

Awake animals (mice only):

Glucose metabolism



For collaborators outside the University, please contact Christelle Veyrat-Durebex for a quotation. The quotation has to be accepted before the animals are transferred to the Core Facility.

 Lipid homeostasis







Physiological tests