The dept welcomes Prof. Meraldi as new Head

As of July 2022, Prof. Patrick Meraldi takes up the challenge of leading the PHYM department for the next 4 years as the new Head of department. 

Prof. Patrick Meraldi has been a professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva since 2012. His laboratory studies the fundamental mechanisms that govern mitosis, and how cells ensure faithful chromosome segregation to preserve genomic integrity, with the aim of deciphering how a deregulation of these mechanisms can lead to human pathologies, in particular cancer and brain developmental defects. In addition to his teaching activities in the Bachelor of the medical studies, he is also responsible for a grant writing course in the Biomed master and a scientific writing module for the Life Science PhD school.

During his mandate, the former Head of department, Prof. Michelangelo Foti, took up several major challenges and contributed to the development of the department: supervision of the arrival of several new PHYM groups, management of the covid crisis, and opening of a position of scientific officer. In the next 4 years, Prof. Patrick Meraldi will have to face new challenges including the renewal of group leader positions, the optimization and sharing of the department resources and the continuous improvement of intra-departmental scientific exchanges amongst others. Prof. Patrick Meraldi will address the department for the first time in his new position as Head of department by the end of the year, and PHYM members look forward to his leadership through the challenges that lie ahead.



21 Jul 2022