Research Groups

Jean-Michel Aubry
Clinical Research Group of the Clinic of
Adult Psychiatry

Francesco Bianchi-Demicheli
Functional Organisation of the Human Sexuality: from Close Relationships to Cerebral Networks

Guido Bondolfi
Psychosomatic Medicine, Clinical Neuroscience and Mindfulness

Alexandre Dayer
Development of Cortical Circuits

Stephan Eliez
Developmental Imaging and Psychopatology Lab

Panteleimon Giannakopoulos
Patient-Oriented research and
Translational Research

Nathalie Ginovart
Imaging Dopamine Signaling in Addictive Disorders

Philippe Huguelet
Community Psychiatry


Vicente Ibanez
Functionnal Anatomy of Higher Cognitive Processes

Stefan Kaiser
Clinical and Experimental Psychopathology

Markus Mathaus Kosel
Treatment and Neurobiology of Depression

Nadia Micali
Feeding, Eating and Related Disorders

Philippe Millet
Molecular Neuroimaging in Psychiatry

Nader Perroud
Emotion Regulation : ADHD and borderline personality disorder

Marie Schaer
Autism Brain & Behavior

Daniele Zullino
Substance Abuse