Research Groups

[1041] Geriatric Mental Health and Precision Medicine


A main research goal of ours is the identification of biological and environmental determinants for maintained mental health at old age. Our research is aimed at advancing individualized precision medicine interventions for treatment of aging related neurodegenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimer's disease (AD). We are particularly interested in characterizing altered central-nervous-system function linked to progressive cognitive dysfunction, depression, anxiety, apathy and difficulties in social interaction. To this effect, a multidisciplinary, longitudinal research cohort (Geneva Geriatric Mental Health Inventory) is being established. Complex clinical assessment is combined with state of the art neuroscience methodology. This includes advanced neuroimaging studies at high magnetic field strength, innovative molecular radiopharmaceutical imaging, blood biomarker and genomic studies. Multiple ongoing research collaborations have been established with basic research groups at HUG, Campus biotech Geneva and Lausanne, ETH and University Zurich, Basel Neurology and abroad.