The Synapsy Centre of Translational Research in Psychiatric Neuroscience (CTPN) aims to put the objectives of the NCCR-Synapsy into a sustainable institutional framework in order to support translational psychiatric neuroscience at the University of Geneva on a long-term basis. The CTPN is directly attached to the Faculty of Medicine


The main objective of the Center is to facilitate interactions and collaborations between basic research groups and / or clinicians working in the field of translational research in psychiatric neuroscience.

To this end, its missions include the following:

  • Study at-risk developmental trajectories for psychiatric disorders in order to better prevent their development
  • Provide longitudinal and prospective follow-ups of the clinical cohorts studied in the context of the NCCR Synapsy
  • Investigate biological mechanisms underlying complex psychiatric phenotypes using animal models
  • Facilitate the transfer of application of preclinical discoveries
  • Develop new therapeutic approaches for psychiatric and neuro-developmental disorders by conducting innovative therapeutic studies derived from the understanding of biological mechanisms;
  • Increase the visibility of the Center at the national and international levels
  • Seek competitive funding to support collaborative projects in the field of psychiatric neuroscience
  • Promoting academic succession in psychiatry
  • Improve teaching in the field of psychiatric neuroscience.

The context of Synapsy Center

Synapsy is a National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) whose objective is to understand the biological bases of psychiatric disorders. Since its creation in 2010, Synapsy has enabled the emergence of a Lemanic scientific community working in the field of translational psychiatric neuroscience (


Villars 2019 Synapsy Retreat - © Christophe Moratal

The research projects supported by Synapsy use experimental approaches integrating animal models and clinical cohorts in order to identify the biological mechanisms underlying psychiatric diseases. With regards to clinical research, Synapsy brings together researchers in child and adult psychiatry to study neuro-developmental risk trajectories to better prevent the emergence of psychiatric disorders. With regards to academia, Synapsy promotes careers in psychiatry through a specific program supporting research among psychiatrists in training.

The Center's resources will be shared with the Interfaculty Center for Neuroscience at the end of Phase-3 of the NCCR-Synapsy scheduled for 2022.