Simone Dietrich elected Member of the Steering Committee of NRP "Plant Breeding Innovation"

NRP “Plant Breeding”

“Plant Breeding Innovation” (NRP 84) has been awarded 10 million francs. This National Research Programme aims to connect innovations in plant breeding with socio-economic and political changes. In societal terms, the programme will seek to investigate how solutions and products can be developed using new breeding techniques and successfully marketed. The NRP will focus on three key areas:

  • Case studies investigating the opportunities for resilient, resource-efficient cultivation and consumption offered by new breeding techniques.
  • Social perceptions, ethical considerations and analysis of the market potential of the new breeding techniques.
  • Ways of achieving forward-looking regulatory frameworks.

The programme will focus on the innovative potential of new breeding techniques and could contribute to the development of plants with useful characteristics. As with all types of plant breeding, there must be opportunities for testing in the field. The NRP will have access to the infrastructure provided by Agroscope, the Swiss Confederation’s centre of excellence for agricultural research, for protected field trials. Priority will be given to practical research projects that can be implemented within the specified period of time.