International PhD program in Life Sciences

We are part of the International PhD program in Basic and Applied Molecular Life Sciences of Geneva "Geneva International PhD Program"

The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Geneva offers an outstanding research environment for studies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences. The departments of Animal Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Plant Biology and the SPRI have united their efforts to provide an extensive educational background and possibilities in research that are necessary to meet the scientific challenges of the future. All students in the program take part in a common curriculum creating a team spirit and facilitating exchange. Over thirty research groups participate in the program offering a wide variety of research themes. There are currently over 80 PhD students in the host labs and we predict approximately 15 new entries each year.

All students entering the program are remunerated according to the standards of the University of Geneva, which are above those of the Swiss National Science Foundation and generous when compared to other international PhD programs.

Geneva is a central point in Western Europe, the home to several important international organizations and businesses, has a wide range of cultural activities for all tastes, and provides an outstanding natural environment for outdoor activities.