List of Master's projects

Dr. Andreas Bruder (SUPSI, Tessin): Functional biodiversity of small aquatic ecosystems

Dr. Andreas Ensslin  (Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de Genève): Evaluation of the action plans for priority plants in Geneva

Dr. Cristina Corti (SUPSI, Tessin) : Biomineralisation and bioconsolidation: inorganic solids produced by microorganisms

Dr. Emmanuel Toussaint (Museum d'Histoire Naturelle): Phylogeography, Phylogenomics and Evolution of Coleoptera

Dr. Louis Nusbaumer (Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de Genève): Connectivity of the forest fragments of northern Madagascar to complete the network of protected areas

Prof. Michelle Price (Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de Genève): Evolution of the peristome in mosses (Bryophyta)

Dr. Nicola Storelli (SUPSI, Tessin) : Microbial ecology of Lake Cadagno: oxic-anoxic interface

Dr. Yamama Naciri (Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de Genève): Population genetics and phylogeography


Dre Estella S. Poloni (Dpt. of Gen. & Evolution) : Evolution of detoxyfying metabolism in human and other primate populations

Prof. Ivan Rodriguez (Dpt. of Gen. & Evolution): Evolution of chemoreceptors

Dr Mathias Currat  (Dpt. of Gen. & Evolution) :  Computational simulation in population genetics

Section of Biology

Prof. Alessandro De Simone (Dpt. of Gen. & Evolution): Physical principles of vertebrate regeneration

Prof. Andreas Boland (Dpt. of Mol. & Cell. Biology): Structural studies of proteins involved in cell division and cell signalling

Prof. Emi Nagoshi  (Dpt. of Gen. & Evolution):  Neurodegeneration; Circadian rhythms and sleep

Prof. Florian Steiner (Dpt. of Mol. & Cell. Biology): Epigenetic inheritance of chromatin states

Prof. Ivan Rodriguez (Dpt. of Gen. & Evolution): Neurogenetics

Prof. Orsolya Barabas (Dpt. of Mol. & Cell. Biology): Mechanisms, regulation and application of mobile DNA

Prof. Paul Guichard & Dr. Virginie Hamel (Dpt. of Mol. & Cell. Biology): Structural cell biology: centriole architecture and assembly

Prof.  Ramesh Pillai (Dpt. of Mol. & Cell. Biology): Role of RNA modifications in gene regulation (Carmen Fernandez); Germline small RNAs in genome defense (Nicole Raad)

Prof. Robbie Loewith (Dpt. of Mol. & Cell. Biology): Growth control by TOR signaling pathways

Dr. Robert Maeda (Dpt. of Gen. & Evolution): Development, evolution and functions within the male reproductive system

Prof.  Sandra Citi (Dpt. of Mol. & Cell. Biology): The molecular architecture, cytoskeletal interactions and functions of epithelial junctions

Prof. Sophie Martin (Dpt. of Mol. & Cell. Biology): Mechanisms of Cell Polarization and Cell Fusion

Prof. Thanos Halazonetis (Dpt. of Mol. & Cell. Biology): DNA replication stress in cancer 


Prof. Anne-Claude Gavin (CMU): Lipid metabolism

Dr. Benjamin Meyer (CMU): The role of Fc-mediated antibody functions in protection from influenza virus infections

Prof. Bernhard Wehrle-Haller (CMU): Cell adhesion, migration and extracellular matrix remodeling

Dr. Christophe Lamy (CMU): Neural circuit bases of neurodegeneration and psychiatric disorders in humans

Prof. Dominique Soldati-Favre (CMU): Conoid ultra structure and function in apicomplexan parasite  invasion

Dr. Ekaterine Berishvili (CMU): Tissue Engineering and Organ Regeneration

Prof. Gabrielle Thumann (CMU&HUG): Development of animal-free models and therapy approaches for neuro-retinal degeneration

Prof. Guillaume Andrey (CMU): Epigenetic control of developmental processes

Prof. Julien Bertrand (CMU): Using Zebrafish to understand Blood Stem Cells

Prof. Marc Ansari (HUG): 5 Projects Description at CANSEARCH Research Platform in Pediatric Oncology and Hematology

Prof. Maud Frieden (CMU): Skeletal muscle regeneration

Prof. Monica Gotta (CMU): Cell division and development

Prof. Paul Walker (CMU): Immunobiology of Brain Tumours

Prof. Paula Nunes-Hasler (CMU): Understanding and improving antigen cross-presentation

Prof. Pei-Hsuan Wu (CMU): What do sperm piRNAs do?

Prof. Perrine Castets (CMU): Pathomechanisms underlying muscle disease

Prof. Serge Nef (CMU): Sex determination, testis development and functions

Prof. Simon Braun (CMU): Chromatin regulation in brain development and disease

Dr. Thomas Laumonier (CMU): Muscle stem cell transplantation

Prof. Wolf-Henning Boehncke (HUG): Mechanotransduction in skin inflammation

Microbiology's projects:

Dr. Arnaud Blouin, Dr Olivier Schumpp (Agroscope à Nyon): A region, a vineyard and a plant, three scales to study the genetic diversity of the grapevine fanleaf virus, a major pathogen of our vineyards.

Dr. Christophe Debonneville, Dr. Olivier Schumpp (Agroscope à Nyon): Analysis of Flavescence Dorée effectors

Dr. Cristina Corti (SUPSI, Tessin): Biomineralisation and bioconsolidation: inorganic solids produced by microorganisms

Dr. Karl Perron (Dpt. of Plant Sciences): Co-regulation of metal and antibiotic resistance in bacteria

Prof. Kimberly Kline (CMU): Pathogenesis of biofilm-associated infections

Prof. Martina Valentini (CMU): Regulation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa antibiotic susceptibility by the HrpA RNA helicase

Dr. Nicola Storelli (SUPSI, Tessin): Microbial ecology of Lake Cadagno: oxic-anoxic interface

Prof. Patrick Viollier (CMU): Function & biotechnology of a new glycosyltransferase for O-protein glycosylation

Prof. Thierry Soldati (Dpt of Biochemistry): Cell-autonomous mechanisms of sensing and defence against Mycobacteria infection

Dr. Emilie Demarsy (Dpt. of Plant Sciences) : Photoprotection and photosynthesis

Prof. Luis Lopez Molina (Dpt. of Plant Sciences) : Seed germination control (Arabidopsis thaliana)

Prof. Marie Barberon (Dpt. of Plant Sciences) : Plant nutrition and root development

Prof. Michael Hothorn (Dpt. of Plant Sciences) : Nutrient messengers in plant development

Prof. Roman Ulm  (Dpt. of Plant Sciences) : UV-B perception and signalling in plants

Prof. Teresa Fitzpatrick (Dpt. of Plant Sciences) : Studying the regulation of vitamin B1 or vitamin B6 homeostasis in plants

Prof. Alessandro De Simone (Dpt. of Gen. & Evolution): Physical principles of vertebrate regeneration

Prof. Luigi Bonacina (Section of Physics): Bioimaging and nanotechonology

This list is not exhaustive. You can also contact the research groups of other Faculties or Institutions, and in particular: